Why Us?

There are many in the mobile app development business, but EFC stands out from the crowd. Watch this video to learn why EFC is the smart choice when choosing a mobile application development partner.

What We Do

We are the mobile leaders in the Midwest and beyond. Other companies do apps on the side; we are mobile. We live and breathe it.

Simply put, the best senior app builders in the region work for Eleven Fifty Consulting. They lead teams of junior developers to create native mobile apps, plus the backend support and websites, for any kind of business looking to bring their apps to market.

Our unique business model allows us to produce a higher quality product at an affordable price. When the job is over and you want to continue the relationship with the people who made your dreams come true, you can even recruit EFC's talent – with our assistance and blessing.

How We Do It

We don’t just create apps; we build relationships with clients so their vision becomes our obsession. Eleven Fifty Consulting works jointly with other companies to “discover” what they need. Then we design and develop the solution, test it completely, and then launch it out into the mobile market. We turn our clients’ ideas into amazing products.

We pride ourselves on our excellent verbal and e-communications. We’re all about meeting deadlines and bringing in a project on budget – especially when that budget is tight.

EFC is anything but faceless. We are a growing group of creative individuals with vibrant personalities who love what we do. We interact with our client partners to help make them stronger, and by doing so we strengthen ourselves.

Who We Are

Co-Founder, President

Terrence Kunstek is the co-founder of EFA and EFC serves as president of EFC. He brings over 16 years of development and mentoring experience to bear. Terrence has an impressive history designing and building high-impact web applications and mobile apps for Fortune 100 & 500 companies, mid-sized businesses, and booming tech startups, and was listed on the IBJ 40 under 40 Class of 2016. His passion for technology, new experiences, and continuous learning are infectious to all.

Co-Founder, CEO

Scott has been an entrepreneur, inventor, strategist and venture capitalist for over 20 years. At Boston Technology, he obtained patents for technologies that now enable telephone companies worldwide to offer voice mail on a massive scale to over two billion people. Subsequently, he founded Internet-based music service company Gracenote, now utilized by Apple, Yahoo, and Sony. Gracenote services are accessed globally at the rate of 24 billion times per year by applications such as iTunes. Now, he works with Eleven Fifty Consulting to share his expertise and experience with young developers and entrepreneurs.

And a Diverse Team of Developers!

We have assembled the finest roster of senior talent in the region. They train, teach and guide apprentices until they’re ready to create innovative apps for clients in real time. Together the veterans and their teams engage with companies to envision, design, create and publish the apps and web-based solutions they want.

Discover How EFC Can Help Your Business

We look forward to meeting you and getting to know your business needs.