Case Studies

EFC is proud to have worked with such great companies. Check out a few examples of our work by clicking on our clients’ logos!

    FitLivin' Case Study

    FitLivin' is a company that takes pride in helping people create communities to maintain a healthy lifestyles by staying active.

    Click here to view our work with FitLivin'!

    UpperNetwork Case Study

    UpperNetwork helps build and maintain professional relationships by networking the right way with the right people. 

    Click here to view our work with UpperNetwork! 

    Expimetrics Case Study

    Expimetrics provides a smarter, simpler way for companies and researchers a way to gather real-time, real-world customer experiences through their web and mobile app platform. 

    Click here to view our work with Expimetrics! 

    Kenji Case Study

    Kenji is a trusted community marketplace for users to find, compare, and hire attorneys to help tackle their legal issues - online or from a mobile phone or tablet. 

    Click here to view our work with Kenji!

    Inverse-Square Case Study

    Inverse-Square is a custom software development shop that focuses primarily on business automation by means of intricate and arduous business processes. 

    Click here to view our work with Inverse-Square!