Grow Smart with EFC

Instead of paying costly recruitment fees and still gambling with your next team hire, you can augment your staff with junior to senior level talent on a contract-to-hire basis from EFC. This means you know you are getting the right person for your team before committing to a new hire.

Our talent is available for contract-to-hire so you can qualify candidates without going through the hiring process. During the contract-to-hire phase, we continue to support our junior developers with senior mentorship as we provide supplemental technical support and performance monitoring.

While using EFC during a contract-to-hire engagement, we manage:

  • Payroll
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Benefits
  • Separation agreements

That’s a lot of stuff you don’t have to worry about until you are ready to commit.

Eleven Fifty Consulting vs. Recruiting Firm

Eleven Fifty Consulting

  • BACKGROUND - Our developers have already worked with us and proven their skills and knowledge. We know their capabilities and personality, and can find the right fit for your team.
  • SUPPORT - Work done by junior developers are still overseen by EFC senior developers. Even though they are working for you, they can still access our network of resources when working through a problem.
  • AFFORDABLE - Our hourly rates for contract-to-hire staff augmentation are highly competitive, especially considering the added support value. Talk to us today to learn more.

Typical Recruiting Firm

  • BLIND - A recruiting firm's only experience with the people they find is a series of interviews. They have no hands-on experience with the applicants.
  • NO SUPPORT - Once you decide to hire a new employee, their work is not supported or guaranteed. Your only option if things aren't working out is to start over.
  • OVERHEAD - A bad hire means losing cash, opportunity cost, and productivity. How many bad hires can your budget afford?

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