From Idea to Implementation

We are the mobile leaders in the Midwest and beyond. Other companies do apps on the side; we are mobile. We live and breathe it. Our senior developers have decades of experience in turning "napkin" ideas into apps and apps into businesses.

Our unique business model allows us to produce a higher quality product at an affordable price. When the job is over and you want to continue the relationship with the people who made your dreams come true, you can even recruit EFC's talented developers – with our assistance and blessing.

Our Development Process

We Make Sure It Gets Done Right

In-House Testing

We put our apps through rigorous testing using our own in-house lab. This means your app goes live ready for real users. Our internal testing team will help you build a solid test plan that covers all of the functionality of your product. We will ensure you have a test strategy that covers all the gotchas such as multiple device sizes and versions.

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